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Balancing Velocity Risks and Rewards: The Next-Generation in Software Testing

As development organizations implement more Agile and DevOps processes and accelerate the velocity of software releases, the time available for rigorous testing is often sacrificed. Quality software is a must for digital transformation success, and organizations that find a way to balance the risk and rewards of that velocity understand that going fast doesn’t mean breaking things. Today’s increasing focus on costs and budgets is an opportunity to innovate quality.

Join us to learn:

  • How development teams can work to counteract these pressures
  • What new approaches and technologies are on the leading edge of testing
  • What AI can do to make your existing staff more productive
  • And how AIQ enables QA & dev teams to embrace these trends


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Diego Lo Giudice

Vice President, Principal Analyst
Guest Speaker

Kevin Parker

Vice President, Product

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